Price: $300 USD
We are offering the Gold Version because there is an important needs of the passwords today. Any Private Investigator (PI business) can purchase this version of software and then crack, hack up to 7 account passwords per function. You may finally hack up to a total of 28 passwords for a small fee of $300. Thus, you can find all useful information in those Hotmail accounts or MySpace profiles, or get every piece of researched info from email conversations in the inbox, in order to provide the Private Investigation service to your client. Paying only about $10 per password, to get the information which is worth $500 for your client, isn't it a big profit for your business ?!

For personal use, this version is also a good deal. You can have a panorama about the life of a person. Find the truth, understand a person, make decision and get your life better.

30 day Money Back Guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the software.

Purchase this version.

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