Satzo Password Retriever Software (SPRS) Free 

The full PLATINUM version of SATZO SOFTWARE is now available for free. A big thank you to everyone who bought SATZO SOFTWARE in the past. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Function 1: Hack Email Passwords (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL,...)
Function 2: Hack Instant Messenger, Hack MSN Live Chat, Hack Y!M, hack Skype - View Archived Messages
Function 3: Hack Hotmail, or hack any Social Networking Profile
Can hack: or 1 Email, or 1 Hotmail, or 1 MySpace
Can hack: 2 Email and 1 Hotmail - or 1 Skype and 1 Hotmail
Can hack: or 3 Email, or 3 Hotmail, or 3 Skype - and 1 Email
Hack as many Hotmail, Skype, email,... as you want (up to 1000)
Hack custom email address (companies, organizations,...)
Hack up to 3 passwords per function
Hack up to 7 passwords per function
Hack Unlimited Email, Hotmail Passwords
Hack Instant Messenger Password
Hack Cell Phone, SMS & MMS Password
Phone call, Cell Phone Interception
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
24 hour guaranteed e-mail and phone technical support

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- Friendly User Interface
- Unlimited Hacking
- Speedy Retrievals 
- 100% Anonymity 
- No Physical Access to any computer
- 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed!

Friendly User Interface: 

Our Satzo Password hacking software come with an intuitive graphical user interface that enables the most novice of computer user to make full use of our software packages. Just take a look at the screen shot or download the Free Trial Version to see it with your own eyes.

Unlimited Hacking:

The Full Version has no set limit in regards to the number of account login password credentials that you may retrieve. This in effect means that you can unlimited account passwords.

Speedy Retrievals: 

On average each password retrieval requires about 2 to 5 minute, depending on each account.

100% Anonymity and Secrecy:

We take the protection of your privacy with outmost care.
ALL network traffic generated during the use of any of our Satzo packages is encrypted and tunneled via our proprietary network, rendering you 100% anonymous.
Aside from protecting your identity, we are also striving to keep the use of our software hidden from the end user account owner. She/he won't realize that her/his password is hacked.
The extraction process does not involve the use of "password phishing" or related techniques, which carry the potential risk of detection by the account owner, aside from the high failure rate.

No Physical Access to any computer:

Our Satzo Software is not a keylogger or a Trojan horse malware, thus the retrieval of an gmail password or email password does not require physical or remote access to the user's computer.
The Satzo Hacking Software connects DIRECTLY to the service provider's database (i.e Hotmail  Yahoo, Myspace, Gmail, etc), extracts and decrypts the user's login credentials and yields the plain-text unchanged current password (and/or username in the case of social networking services) that can be used to log into the account.

To have more info about our services and hacking software, please refer FAQ Section.