1. The hacking software can hack password from the following email providers:

Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Lycos Mail, generic web mail, Gmail, GMX mail, mail.com, generic POP3 & IMAP, AOL mail, Hushmail, Mail.ru...
This category includes the vast majority of private web mail including POP3 and IMAP email systems.

2. The software can hack the following social networking account passwords:

Myspace, Hi5, last.fm, Orkut, Habbo, Hotmail, LiveJournal, Photobucket, Mixi, Netlog, Friendster, Bebo, myYearbook, Xing,...

3. Supports the following instant messaging (IM) services:

Skype, Windows Live Messenger / MSN, AIM, Yahoo! Instant Mesenger (YIM), and ICQ

4. Supports the majority of public and private websites and forums with standard login forms.

5. Supports the retrieval of login credentials for the following multiplayer games:

Xbox 360 accounts, Lineage II, Hero Online, Dofus, Word of Warcraft (US & EU), RuneScape, Guild Wars, Silk Road, Eve Online, Second Life, Gaia Online, and Mu Online...

6. Supports a large number of vulnerable websites, contact us for a free security assessment of the website(s) 

7. Supports server exploitation, contact us for a free security assessment of the server(s)

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