Satzo Software Frequently Asked Questions (SPHS) FAQ'S

1) Question:
What does Satzo-Software exactly offer? Do you offer a password retrieval service or the software enabling me to do it on my own?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are being asked.
What Satzo-Software offers is software solutions (see "Hacking Software" on the left menu) that enable our clients to retrieve and recover login credentials from a multitude of services and service providers, ranging from e-mail services and online multiplayer games.
You can hack Orkut password, hack Hotmail password, hack Yahoo password, hack MySpace password, hack AOL password, hack MSN Messenger, hack any email password...

Delivery - How will I receive my software?

All our hacking software packages are available for immediate download from our servers, you will be provided with a download link. You may request a backup CD copy free of charge. CD copies are mailed out every Friday morning via EMS mail from Germany. International Delivery takes about 4 to 12 business days on average.

3) Question:
Payment - How to send money to you?

No need to pay even a single penny, We are giving this software for Free. You can download right now. If you're facing any problem just send a mail to , you will get response within 24 hours.

4) Question:
I am from the United States; can I still get your software?

Absolutely! This question pops up quite frequently; your geographic location does not affect your ability to get our products.

Operational Warranty - Do you provide some sort of assurances of functionality?

Satzo-Software, having been an active participant in the field of Information Technology for more than a decade, knows of only one constant: constant change. Keeping that in mind, we offer our clients free of charge life-time guaranteed updates!

6) Question:
What does this Software Compatibility?

This Software is compatible with Windows all versions, Mac and Linux too.

7) Question:
About Us - Who is behind Satzo-Software?

We are an internatioal security company composed of a group of dedicated software engineers with more than a decade of experience in the fields of password retrieval technology, cryptography and neural networks. Satzo-Software is our attempt to capitalize on our multiyear experience in the field of password retrieval, a market niche in which supply is tight. We are the first service making password retrieval technology available to the wide non-computer expert public in an easy to use format and in an extremely affordable price.

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